Parents who desire to enroll their child at Weavertown Mennonite School must complete and return the following forms (click on the form name to download it):

Following application, the school board and/or principal will interview the parents. Following the interview, the parents will be notified as to the acceptance of the child.

Placement of incoming students in the proper grade will be determined based on previously transferred records and/or the administration of standardized tests. We reserve the right to examine previous records and/or administer our own tests before grade placement is determined. Children entering first grade should be six years old by September 1 of the year they enroll.


Kindergarten / First Grade Admission Policy

Because each student needs to be given the best possible chance for success, it is important that the child is in the proper grade level according to his/her developmental level when he/she begins school. Students who are properly placed function better in school, can handle adjustments and changes more easily, and tend to be more disciplined. Weavertown Mennonite School requires all incoming kindergarten students to take a developmental evaluation test. First grade students are required to take two evaluative tests regardless if the student was enrolled at Weavertown for kindergarten. The first test, administered in February or March before they are enrolled, is a developmental test that shows their emotional readiness for school. The second test is given on Pre-First Days in April or May and is an academic test that shows the level of academic knowledge that they possess.

All prospective first grade students who have not completed kindergarten will need to complete the Readiness books that are provided by Weavertown and bring the completed books to school to be examined by the tester when the developmental test is given. The tester may need to keep the books until the decision on admission is made. Kindergarten records will take the place of the school readiness books in the case of a student who has completed kindergarten. The administrator will carefully consider the recommendation of the Kindergarten teacher before making a decision on admission. After the developmental testing of all the students is completed, the tester will meet with the first grade teacher and administrator to discuss the results.

All students who are borderline in development will be denied admission until the results of the academic test (given on pre-first days) can be considered. Students with summer birthdays will especially be held to a high academic standard if they test borderline for development.

When the results of both tests are available, the Administrator will take into consideration 1) the age of the child, 2) results of the developmental test and 3) results of the academic test. The Administrator will then make a recommendation concerning borderline students to the school board, which could include any of the following:

  • Admission with the probability of repeating first grade
  • Another evaluation test at another school
  • Summer preparation school in school readiness
  • Admission denied

The school board will make a decision based on the administrator’s recommendation and notify parents of admission or denial.