Student Activities



The Weavertown School staff maintains a bank account separate from the school board which is funded by an annual student fund raiser (Grades 6-8 only), and is used to pay for day to day expenses involving the students such as: phys. ed./recess equipment, library books, student awards, periodicals for classrooms, field trips, playground equipment, etc. This annual fundraiser (Trash-a-thon) is held in September.



Field Trips

Each class takes an educational field trip for a day usually in April or May. Each class has a designated standard destination including Philadelphia, Baltimore, Gettysburg, Hershey, etc. The eighth grade class, which attends a 3-day, 2-night Outdoor School at Spruce Lake Retreat as their field trip, is the only trip that is overnight. Most field trip expenses such as transportation and admissions are paid by the staff fund (see fund raising Section VII A). Parents should be prepared to provide money for meals, souvenirs if you choose, or similar expenses. Since some field trips will need to leave school before 8:30 and/or return after 3:00, parents should be prepared to provide transportation to and from school on field trip day.



Student Projects

Students in Grades 4-8 will be asked to do a major project in connection with a major subject area such as History or Science. Each year Grades 4-6 hold a History Fair in which each student researches a person, state or country (4th Grade people, 5th Grade states and 6th Grade countries) and prepares a display showing interesting facts about the subject studied. Every other year the 7th and 8th Grade students hold a Science Fair in which each student conducts a scientific experiment or a research project, and prepares a display to explain the project. Both of these Fairs are on display for several days and are open for parents, family, friends, other school groups, etc. to attend. Both of these Fairs are required and students’ work will be graded.



Bible Quiz Team

Students in Grades 6-8 may participate in a Bible Quiz Team that competes against other schools as part of Mid-Atlantic Christian Schools Association (MACSA) Bible Quiz program. Students on Quiz Team are expected to memorize the Bible passages designated by MACSA for that year. The Quiz Team practices three times a week beginning immediately after Christmas and attends several daylong tournaments, as well as a 3-day retreat in March.



Interscholastic Athletic Games

Grades 7 & 8 participate in a limited number of games with other local junior high schools in several different sports including soccer, football (guys only), volleyball (girls only), and softball. These games are scheduled in advance and are open for parents to attend. All games are held during the school day.



Missions Week

In order to highlight different mission fields and opportunities, one week usually in winter or early spring is designated as Missions Week. Various mission speakers have devotions for the entire school each morning of Missions Week and each classroom uses various activities to focus on the needs of missions and their workers.




The 8th grade graduation service is held on an evening of the last week of school and is open for any friends or relatives of the students to attend.